Q: How do I see the same information as someone else on my farm?

As long as you sign in with the same account you will be able to see the same information.

Q: How do I search?

You can scroll up to see the search bar. The search case specific. (Pro app only)

Q: Does my information exchange between Android and iOS devices?

Yes it does! What you see on one phone will be on another phone as long as they are both signed into the same account.

Q: Is it possible sort the calves by pasture?

You can do it by adding a new book. Be sure to select which book you want it in when you add a calf. (Pro app only)

Q: Why should I get the pro app?

The pro app has more features including the ability to search, separate calves into books, choose what fields you want to see, work offline, set up alerts, and *export calf information.

*coming soon

24 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Is this app compatible with MacBook? For instance if I have the app on my iPhone or iPad or both, can I also access it from MacBook?


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